What it means to be a true Ford fan


There is no doubt at all that Ford is one of the most popular vehicles in the market. Ford Company makes good quality cars and this is the reason why Ford has a lot of fans worldwide.

Being a true ford fan does not mean that you must be a good driver but there are a few things that you can do to show that you are an ardent fan of ford.

Like their Facebook or twitter page

To be a true ford fan, you must like their Facebook and twitter page. Today there are so many car companies that are advertising services that they provide on social networking websites. It is important as a true ford fan to search for the page and like it. One of the reasons why it is important to like the page is that you are going to get updates daily if the Ford Company is planning to release a new type of car this year or early next year. There are also forums that you can join that talk about ford cars and their specifications.

94Know the history of the car

A true ford fan must know about the history of the car and features of the car. Ford is equipped with unique features that make them different from the others in the market. A true ford fan must know some of the special features that the car is equipped with. Knowing the history of the car is also important as a true ford fan.

Know the price

A true ford fan knows prices of the various ford car models in the market including the latest ones. There are different models of ford in the market and knowing the prices makes you a true ford fan. Most ford cars are sold at different prices depending on the features and model of the car. Getting the prices is easy because when you visit the company website you get all the information that you want.

e9359c80767d312353e6d0bbf4598713xWhere to purchase it

Apart from knowing the price and features, it is a must for a true ford fan to know where the car should be purchased. There are various places that Ford cars are sold but visiting the place where the car is being made is the best. Once you visit the manufacturers you will have a good chance to look at the latest type of ford cars in the market. You will also have a chance to talk to the manufacturers of the car. A true ford fan knows about the fuel economy of the car and safety features that the car is equipped with.

There are so many things that ford fans can do to show that they are ardent fans. There are other fans who take photos and upload various types of ford cars in their Facebook or twitter account just to show that they true fans. A true fan does not talk about the downfalls of the car but only the benefits of driving the car and the reason why you should purchase it.

Ford Car Sales Since 2000

Ford was in a pretty bad place during the Y2K market crash in the United States . This venerated car maker, in business since 1903, found itself on the precipice of bankruptcy as the markets were experiencing a major reversal. This confluence of events would put most out of business. The first nail in the coffin was the tech bubble bursting in beginning in March 2010. Almost exactly 18 months later, the September 11 attacks caused widespread global panic in the markets. Whether a stock traded on the NYSE, or the OTC market, it did not matter; all boats sank during both of these very deleterious events. In the year 2000, Ford Motor Company also owned Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Mercury and Mazda. They also owned Lincoln at that time, and they still retain ownership of it today. Add to this there were rollover problems with their very popular Ford Explorer, which would later be ruled faulty tires, but that did not make it any easier at the time. Late in 1999, however, one car may have provided a nice boost for Ford sales, and just might have helped the company to weather these awful market downturns, and to survive.

The Ford Focus began selling in the United States in 1999, which were the 2000 models at that time.

Ford also started selling taxicabs in the late 90s, which likely helped also.

In 1997 Ford also started selling the first natural gas powered taxicabs in New York City. With the Focus on the market, and the taxicab business in New York, those were 2 places of strength for Ford during this time, in the first half of 2001, when Bridgestone/Firestone tires were failing and their popular Ford Explorer model was rolling over, forcing a massive recall. Ultimately Federal Investigators, after Bridgestone/Firestone fired Ford as a customer, ruled that the tire failure was the reason the Explorer was rolling over, and had nothing to do with the workmanship of the Ford Explorer. In 2005, Bridgestone/Firestone agreed to pay Ford $240 million, which was only a fraction of the cost of what the recall ultimately cost Ford, which was over $2 billion.


The Ford Mustang redesign in 2005 was another feather in the cap of Ford halfway through a decade marked by stock market tumult, and the slowest car sales the markets had seen since 1992, which happened in 2008. In 2005, when the Mustang redesign hit the market, the sales numbers for Ford were still over 3.1 million, and they were just slightly under 3 million, for the first time in over 6 years, in 2006. Just 2 short years later, however, their annuals sales dipped below 2 million. The two years from 2008 through 2009 were pretty bad for automakers across the board. In 2009, Ford had their worst year ever, with sales of only 1.6 million. From 2004 to 2009, Ford sales were cut in half, but this was not just a Ford issue, but rather a U.S., and to a lesser extent global, economy issue. Ford rallied back and their 2014 sales were nearly 2.5 million.


The reason the Focus launch was so pivotal, because unlike most other cars on the market that responded accordingly to the car sales downturn of 2008 to 2009, the Focus sales were fairly consistent. From 2000, or its launch, to 2014, the model sold an average of 226,000 units per year. In 2008, the Focus sold 195,000 units. Since inception, this car has also outsold almost every other Ford model on the market, so even with all the tire problems with Bridgestone/Firestone, rollovers with the Explorer, and awful market downturns, the Focus remained a productive mainstay for Ford, with perfectly anemic responses to the gyrations in both the Ford economy as well as the economic status of the entire country.


Today Ford has not returned to the kind of numbers it saw in sales during the late 90s, and up to 2005, but no automaker has really. Ford is definitely in a solid position, and has been steadily reclaiming market share since the 2008-2009 auto sales downturn. In fact, sales in 2007 were 2.5 million, and sales in 2014 were nearly 2.5 million. For a company that turned 100 years old in 2003, all indications are that they will see their 200th birthday and beyond. Ford is here to stay.

Cool Features in the 2015 Ford Mustang


This pony car has been revolutionized time and again to meet the demands of 21st century cars. Well it is a muscle car and popular today for its uniquely dazzling combination of speed and class. Ford did not fail on this one. The car is simply amazing in efficiency and just appealing when it comes to the looks department.

2015-ford-mustang-interiorWhat to look out for!

If you are bout the looks like you care about power in cars, this mustang is something worth to gaze at. Hey, this is not about the appealing exterior looks and but the amazing new interior designs. Although the layout is similar to the predecessor models, there is a lot new to enjoy like a shiftier closer to the driver and super comfortable sits that have greatly modeled rear seat access. A lot of design has gone to improving the sits and the results are impeccable.

The new Ford is not shy of advanced technology at all. The car has a line-lock aspect that allows improved control with the steering wheel and uncountable apps. This is especially great for racer who can now controls breaks as you wish. Any racer will tell you that is important if you can use the breaks to hit your tires for better traction. The car also has a great alert system for transport and a good reverse parking car assistant. That is not all; the Mustang has improved the technology responsible for parental control. That means parents can regulate the audio volumes and car speed limits when the children are behind the wheels. In the case of an accident, the car has a great emergency call assistant.

engine-bay-2012-ford-mustang2015 Ford Mustang has an increased horsepower. This is not only good news for speed but also acceleration. The power behind this engine has never been experienced by Ford enthusiasts. In fact, this 435 hp engine is the first of its kind. The car can go to a top speed of 155 mph meaning speed is no longer an issue now. However, there are variations to the speed and acceleration based on the engine (2.3 liter or 4liter). The new car has more recent tech suspension that promoter car significantly.

Ford also introduced the EcoBoost in the 2.3 Liter 4 cylinder engine. The EcoBoost gives the engine a great acceleration of the engine. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Talking about speed raises the safety question; Ford has taken care of all that. In fact, the 2015 Mustang has 8 airbags include new ones for the side knee.

2016 Ford Mustang

The 2015 Ford Mustang lay foundation for the future generation cars and this is just one of them. The 2016 model improves a lot about especially the engine part. With a few more dollars to spend on the car, it is much the worth in every way.

Above are just some of the new changes on the Ford product that impressed in the 2015. Even though newer models are on the way this is a car for the future.

Why we started Ford Europe?

Ford cars are among the best cars in the world, and the European Ford cars are no exception.

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that Ford cars are exclusively American, and that people just won’t find them in other countries or in other parts of the world. I’ve been a fan of European Ford cars ever since I purchased one for myself, and I have embarrassed myself at dinner parties by bragging about it as often as I do to everyone. Fortunately, we have the Internet today, and I have a much healthier outlet through which to channel the full force of all of my bragging. I am thrilled to share my love of European Ford cars with the world, hopefully so everyone will learn to love European Ford cars as much as I did when I bought one. They may not even have to buy one for themselves in order to get this far.


I have a lot of listings on this website for the European Ford cars. People can access information related to them through the links that I have here, in case they are interested in making a purchase. Even if they’re not, they might still want to read about them and look at them. I would be happy to encourage people in that direction as well. People who want to learn all about European Ford cars have definitely come to the right place.